Dineout evening at PizzaExpress, Noida


Good news for people in Noida. The new kid on the block ‘Mall of India’ has really interesting promises to keep. One of which is The Pizza Express. Located on the third floor this place is your best bet if you are a pizza lover.

Some of the interesting points to note are that it has a live kitchen: Thus bringing you the best and freshest pizza ever. Secondly their freshness promise also covers their pastas, salads, appetizers and drinks.


Berry Fresca – Raspberry juice, fresh mint topped with sprite over mint.

Zenzero Fresca – Carrot, orange juice, ginger & lemon juice.


Pollo – Grilled chicken, goat’s cheese, red peppers, seasonal mixed leaves, tomatoes, olives, house dressing, croutons, warm dough sticks.


Spiedini Di Pollo – Grilled chicken with basil pesto skewers served with watermelon, olives, rocket leaves and lemon.

Spiedini Di Gambero – Cooked prawns & chilli skewers served with watermelon, olives, rocket leaves and lemon.


You have to be here to believe it, watch your food being prepared right in front of your eyes.

They use the best – from the sweet Italian tomatoes they crush into their famous passata to the simple ‘secret’ dough recipe, which hasn’t changed since day one.

The staff is very courteous, not only catering to your demand but also make very suitable suggestions. This is something very good, the waiter knew what he was getting on the table.

The ambience is exceptional. Unlike any other place, Pizza Express adopts the ambience of the place where it is built. So you can never see the same ambience for any two Pizza Express. This is a whole new concept of making us feel at home.


They have the best Indian Pizza: Pollo Coriander Pesto – An Indian twist to italian pesto sauce with creamy chicken tikka, mozzarella, onion rings, green chilli, olive oil and finished with a drizzle of coriander pesto.


And some really exceptional italian pizza: Sassi – Whipped cream on the base with fennel chilli sausage, mozzarella, chopped red onion flavoured with fresh thyme, finished with rocket and Emilgrana crisp.


No meal is complete without…yes you guessed it right DESSERT:

Cheesecake – Simply divine. Served with a scoop of vanilla gelato and strawberry sauce.



One of the best cheesecakes you can get in Delhi or Noida. Be sure to drop in this place next time you visit the Mall of india, amazing family place.

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VENUE: PizzaExpress, DLF Mall of India, 3rd Floor, Sector 18, Noida.



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