‘The Story of Kashmir, through the Ages @ Niche Lounge & Bistro, CP.

In New Delhi, on 19th April 2016: A Perfect evening was hosted by Vitasta Publishing in association with Leher Sethi to celebrate the unveiling of the book The Story of Kashmir through the Ages. The book authored by Arjan Nath Chaku and Inder K Chaku saw esteemed panelists engrossed in a discussion on the subject:
Imagining Kashmir without Kashmiri Pandits

The event took place at Niche Lounge and Bistro, Connaught Place. Located in the heart of Delhi, this place beams of classy ambience. The elevator interestingly takes you on the second floor and you find yourself in a massive expanse with amazing interiors and exteriors.

The Niche was heavily crowded but it could accommodate such a huge crowd of journalists, press, socialites and many other people was commendable.
The event began with the Book Launch followed by the discussion wherein many issues were raised and addressed.
Launch of The Story of Kashmir, through the Ages @ Niche Lounge & Bistro (4)
The renowned personalities who were part of the panel were Mr Anupam Kher, Actor Activist, Major General GD Bakshi, Political Commentator, Mr Sushil Pandit, Political Commentator and Activist, Mr. Ram Madhav, National General Secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Mr Amitabh Mattoo, noted academician and former advisor to the Chief Minister of J&K & Ms Shabnam Lone, Activist and Supreme Court advocate. The discussion was moderated by noted journalist Mr Rahul Shivshankar.
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Launch of The Story of Kashmir, through the Ages @ Niche Lounge & Bistro (1)

About the book:

Launch of The Story of Kashmir, through the Ages @ Niche Lounge & Bistro (2)

The Kashmir Story (1 and 2) are a veritable encyclopaedia on Kashmir. Part 1 traces the history of Kashmir beginning from the legends of Nilamatapurana to Kalhana’s Rajatarangini  followed by Jonaraja’s, Srivara’s and Sukha’s  historical accounts which give us a vivid account of Kings, their rule and misrule and an all-encompassing fabric of the existing political, administrative, economic and social life. It describes the rise and fall of the Gonanda, Vikramaditya, Lohara, Karkota, Utpala dynasties with the fascinating palace intrigues, romances and civil wars. It also describes the topography of Kashmir highlighting its important places and frontier regions.

The chapter on Kashmir under Mughals highlights the secular character of Akbar, Jahangir’s love for Kashmir and their contribution to the development of its beautiful lakes and gardens.The book ends with the cultural highlights of the medieval period with Scholarly works of Abhinavagupta, Lall Ded and her famous vaakhs, poetry of songstress Habba Khatoon and the verses of Rupa Bhawani.

The Kashmir Story Part 1 & 2 are available for 695/- and 595/- respectively.

Venue Details: Niche Lounge & Bistro,2nd & 3rd Floor, M-16, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi – 110001


Vijay Arora, Anupam Kher & Tarun Arora @ Niche Lounge & Bistro (L-R)

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Vijay Arora (L) father of  Tarun Arora (R) owner of Niche Lounge & Bistro.



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