Restaurant Review: Jamie’s Italian

British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s Jamie’s Italian at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj is a trove for Italian cuisine. The restaurant is done up nicely with photos of the chef, his food and Italian artifacts on the wall. The seating is very comfortable, the service is impeccable.

Our journey started with Italian Nachos – very different from the nachos we are used to – mini ravioli stuffed with smoked mozzarella, ricotta & vegetarian parmesan – crispy fried. The spicy sicilian tomato sauce served alonside, it among the best I have had. Crispy Squid followed with accompaniments of garlic & lemon mayo – the squid absolutely fresh and flavorful, maintained its texture.


Grilled Chicken Puttanesca adorned the table for the mains alongwith a daily special pizza, which on request was made with prawn and chicken, on either side – topped with fresh basil and cheese. The chicken stuffed with tomato, anchovy, olive, chilli & caper sauce was properly cooked and the sauce was great.



The dessert course saw us having a new york baked cheesecake, a tiramisu and caramel and chocolate ice creams. The tiramisu itself was perfect but the orange zest on top spoilt the fun for me – a little too much I would say, or I just prefer the tiramisu by itself – without any distractions. The new york baked cheesecake is perfect and the caramel ice cream is out of this world.





A lemon & peach iced tea for the teetotaler and a whiskey sour complimented the dishes just fine. Whiskey sour has the potential of getting screwed up, but these people got it just right.

With a lot of things in mind to be ordered for the next visit, Jamie’s Italian is surely going to be a multi visit restaurant in my list.



Review Credit – Abhik Dasgupta

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