Ajjay Mehra wins’International Designer of the Year’ award

Ajjay Mehrra, a leading designer for Men’s Fashion has won the International Designer of the Year 2016 title in London, at the Asian Voice Political & Public Life Awards hosted by the House of Commons, British Parliament.

Ajjay Mehrra 2

 The Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, Eleanor Laing presented the award to the Ajjay Mehrra, the only Indian designer  to have won this award.  Also present were several MPs of the British Parliament including Keith Vaz, Chairman of the Home Affairs Committee.

Ajjay Mehrra and British Politician Matthew Hancock

Ajjay Mehra withBritish Politician Matthew Hancock

Ajjay Mehrra and Sir Trevor McDonald OBE

Ajjay Mehra with Sir Trevor McDonald OBE

Ajjay Mehrra and Mr. DK Anand

Ajjay Mehra with Mr D.K. Anand

Having dressed various eminent personalities, including Prime Minister Modi and various Bollywood and Hollywood stars, Ajjay Mehrra is incredibly proud to bring he award back home and hopes to continue doing great things with Men’s Fashion, especially in India.

Modi in Ajjay Mehrra Jacket - 1

Narendra Modi in Ajjay Mehra Jacket

Ajjay Mehrra The Wedding Room Attire

Ajjay Mehra, The Wedding Room Attire

Ajjay Mehrra Store 2

Ajjay Mehra’s Store

Ajjay Mehrra also holds a Guinness World Record from 1995 as the only designer ever to host a fashion show on a moving train.


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