Nine Days of Navratra at SodaBottleOpenerWala – 8th to 16th April 2016

Fasting during Navratri apart from being a widely practised religious custom is also a great way to detox. However, most Navratri menus are very high on calories and fat content which is not ideal for someone breaking a fast.

 Sodabottleopenerwala has a specially crafted menu for the festival which is simple and yet offers an inventive Irani cafe twist to traditional Navratri food.
To begin with, Gwarfali which is almost never seen in restaurant food is glorified in these crispy cutlets cooked to perfection. The chef revealed how it is a very difficult vegetable to work with and the dish transforms an ordinary vegetable into a crunchy delicacy. The raw banana cutlets are another interesting addition. The light and airy Sabudana papad makes for the perfect accompaniment.

In the mains, we particularly enjoyed the Khattu Meethu kaddu which has the right hint of spice and is cooked to perfection. This is served with a potato sabzi, kuttu atta rotis and steamed rice.


The real highlight was the desserts on the set menu. The sabudana kheer garnished with mangoes offers the right degree of sweetness and is wonderfully creamy. The falooda is one of the restaurant’s signature desserts and is a flavoursome and fragrant concoction of strawberry and rose milk with icecream.

I felt completely light after the meal as none of the dishes were oily or spicy but managed to retain wonderful flavour. The menu really takes traditional Navratri/fasting delicacies and reinterprets them in classic Bawa style for a memorable experience. This one’s a clear winner.



Review Credit – Ridhima Hakeem

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