Review “Factory” @ Sector 29, Gurgaon

From the makers and creators of Sutra, The Gastropub @ Cyber Hub comes this blockbuster and a new debutante in sector 29, among-st other big names, under the name ‘Factory’, the person responsible for the success of both these amazingly introduced products is Mr. Anoop, the resplendent mind behind both these innovations and giving to the patrons and the general public what they were really looking for  in Gurgaon.

The venue is very systematically designed with some kind of  very interesting concept in mind, as to be also very upfront to this fact that it is the biggest brewery in sector 29, and by far one of the best that I have seen, as it was as clean and as maintained like breweries in Germany or Scotland. Also, it has a first floor and then rooftop sitting facility which I must admit at cold breezy days would like divinely romantic. The lights are apt and mood based and also both the 1st floor and rooftop has live bar and also excellent sitting facility with rugged look of  a factory and brazened look of typical industrial textured outlook. Then it was Mr. Anoop only who taught me the entirety of the place and with due respect something that only an innovator can come up with is the fact that is a new idea that he is coming up with, Business Hours, which is from noon to evening one, particular table will belong to you and one can manage business, organize meetings, and rest the restaurant staff will take care of, like the miscellaneous acts of hospitality. You earn and you enjoy at the same time as and when the clock hits 6′ it means party time and the same members turns to party starters and then its Work Harder but Party Harder.

Such concept can only be thought by an intellectual person with above average psyche, also that the way the plants and lights are arranged either interior or exterior its, really fabulous, as it gives a cosmopolitan look even to such a classic looking place.

The place is spacious enough to accommodate almost 50 to 60 people at once without any congestion and that, the cleanliness of  the place is remarkable and so is  the quickness of  the staff, even while attending or bringing the order tot he table it is swift and unquestionable.

The Distillery is located at the basement and the 1st floor is  the dining section, with a live bar and a smoking section separate this place is like a complete package. I loved the place like it belonged to one of my friends as the owner and the staff were so amicable and smiling that it made me very comfortable.

After having a chat for almost half an Hour and whilst having my favorite Ginger Ale chilled and Kingfisher Ultra, we jumped to the food section to taste and tell. And it was concluded that yes not a stand out, but Just like Sutra was there to complete and to stay and make a name in Cyber Hub, this place is here to stay and to establish a name for itself in Sector  29.

We started with Chilly Paneer, A special customized mock tail, Factory Special Pneer Tikka, Club Sandwich Veg, Sangria Red Wine, Nachos Old School, Veg Exotic Pizza, Dahi Ke Kebab, Veg Cheesy Quesdillas.

Every dish was defining that chef has intentionally  given time to  this dish and curated to make it special for every customer that steps in for some goof booze and good food. It was really delectable and yummy. Just Loved it and just adored the place and food and everything. Loved it.

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Review Credit : Sagar

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