One stop travel app – RailYatri

Worried about all the big dabbas you have carry for your next train journey? Imagine I tell you that you don’t have to carry even one. Now imagine I tell you that you that you can savour amazing butter paneer, hot dal makhani, freshly made rotis, aromatic pulav while you relax on your comfortable train seats. Isn’t it hard to believe? Hold your breath, as I tell you about the most amazing and useful app on the Playstore, Appstore, Web and Windows. It’s called RailYatri. Yes, this is the next big thing as this app will help you provide fresh, hygienic food in train for your long journey and that too at economical rates. Isn’t this the best news you heard so far? Wait, there’s a lot more.

RailYatri helps provides a wide variety of services like say you want to check your PNR status, or you want information on certain trains between two stations, live arrival and departure of trains at stations or checking for the availability of seats in a particular train or general information on local trains or metro rails in the city.

Some of my favorite features on this app are “Current nearest station”, “RailWisdom” and “RY Bulletin”. Let me explain why I love them. First of all, the “current nearest station” feature is a unique one as it is very helpful for a newcomer in the city. He has no hassles of running around the city and wasting time, energy and money on this. Very useful for backpackers, lone travellers, people who have migrated from another city or anyone battling between the choice of the closest station. Secondly, “RailWisdom” is a great feature as it provides you with quick gyaan on railways but with a twist! Thirdly, “RY Bulletin” gives you amazing news about different places in the country and something special about each place. And, if you like the story you can share it with your friends too! Hence, this app is not only for train bookings or PNR status checking but also for other interesting information.

Other eccentric features on this app are Fare Calculator, GPS Locator, Speedometer, Medical Emergency and Seat availability with forecast and lot more! So what are you waiting for, go check it out here and let me know if you love it as much as I do !


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