Burdwan- The Gateway of West Bengal

Anglicized as Burdwan during the British Raj, the history of Bardhaman dates back to 5000 BC. The picturesque city in the East Indian State of West Bengal houses archeological evidences that claim its existence to Late Stone Age or Mesolithic Age. It was named as Bardhaman in the honour of Vardhaman Swami or Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara in Jainism. It is believed that he had spent some time in Astikagrama and the ancient Jainism scriptures second the fact.

Situated 80kms away in the North Eastern part of Kolkata, Burdwan is far away from the capital city’s hustle-bustle. It has a rich multi-cultural heritage and it’s a reminiscent of Bengali Hindu architectural temples called as Deuls1. The city is also known as ‘Rice Bowl of Bengal’ due to the copious amount of rice it produces.

Sprawling rice fields kissing the distant horizons, ancient Deuls1, old houses constructed of narrow red bricks, timeless monuments of the old world, augment the city as a destination listed on the bucket-list of every laid-back traveler.

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