Rajasthani Food Festival @ Hotel Plutos

Bati Churma & Lal Maans are some dishes which bring just one name to the mind – Rajasthan. Loads of desi ghee, plenty of chilli and lots of love characterize the cuisine. Dal bati choorma is an all time favorite and the appetite increases several folds when that is in the menu 🙂

Hotel Plutos is hosting a Rajasthani Food Festival – ornamented with food and folklore from the land of the Maharajas, this is a must visit for the lovers of the cuisine. There are artists with traditional music and dance in an open area which also has a traditionally done sitting with charpoys and chairs, candles and hookahs.
With an all you can eat option at a nominal price, and the spread like the royalty would have, you are surely going to be spoilt for choices. Ask the servers to serve you everything in a plate for the experience or help yourself with the dishes from the buffet spread, either way it’s a difficult choice of what to have and what to leave 🙂
For appetizers (well, keep a check, too much will surely fill you up, and you don’t want to miss what’s next) – they have kachoris (daal & pyaaz), mirchi vada, banjara chicken tikka and marwad mutton balls with 3 chutneys – mirch, pudina and lehsun. Each item retained the unique taste they had to offer, but I had to limit myself with the quantity, since there was a long way ahead …
Then came the thali – loaded with each and every thing from the menu – jungli chicken curry, lal maans, gatta curry, ker sangri, rajasthani kadhi pakori, daal baati choorma to name a few. Confused where to start, I did the obvious being a non-vegetarian – started with the lal maans paired with bajra  roti & missi masala roti – mutton falling off the bone, the curry had scope for a bit more hotness. Jungli chicken curry is perfect. Gatta curry, gawar ki subzi & paapad mangodi gave each other competition for the hotness. When I was done tasting the three, I had to wipe the sweat off my face!! The bati was a little hard & the daal a little watery, but once the three musketeers (daal, baati & choorma) got together, I just devoured the entire portion served to me. The raita came to the rescue against the hotness and I happily consumed two bowls.
A warm cup of rajasthani chai became my palate cleanser. It helped make space for the dessert and the sprinkle of chai masala was refreshing. Dessert consisted of malpuwa, rabri, boondi & besan laddoo, suji & besan tikki. We gave ghewar and jalebi a miss owing to the little appetite left. The malpuwa-rabri duo is a hit and despite having no inspiration to have more than a bite, I finished off the entire portion served. The suji & besan tikki is good (glad the sweetness is apt) and so are the laddoos.
With the ongoing weather in Delhi, the outside seating provides a lovely ambiance and the warmth of the servers and the goodness of the food just compliments the experience. Head out and experience the magic of Rajasthani cuisine.

Rajasthani Food Festival – March 18 – April 03, 2016
Timing – 6:30 PM – 11:30 PM
Price – Eat all you can @ 799
Hotel Plutos, Opposite Sector B, Pocket 4, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

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