Review: Shakun Batra’s Kapoor And Sons

sen city

A plumber trying to fix a water-main, is harangued by the lady of the house who — with some justification — thinks he needs watching over. Her husband disagrees, and the two begin to bicker, a domestic squabble that snowballs into a mountain-toppling argument about fidelity and finances. It is at this inopportune time that the water pipe gives way, causing the elder son of the house to try and contain it, like the little Dutch boy who fingered the dyke. Meanwhile, both wife and husband exasperatedly yell diametrically different instructions to the plumber even as their own bigger fight storms on — until a distraction comes in the form of another fight, this time between the sons of the house.

The plumber walks out, says his work is done, and asks to be paid whatever they see fit. After all, he says with modest benevolence and consideration for the…

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