Spiritual Symphony-The Divine Life You Were Born To Live, Workshop with Pami Singh

Some experiences can never be fully comprehended in words, but still its imperative that I share my experience with you all and urge you to experience it for yourself.
I attended this Spiritual Symphony workshop organised by Mr. Pami Singh on the 27th and 28th of Feb, and I am writing about my experience now after almost 20 days. My reason for the same is that normally when we attend such spiritual & meditation workshops, for the first few days we are in awe of it and we try to bring some changes in our lives, but slowly we start coming back in our existing world and the influence of the workshop starts diminishing. But not this time, 20 days ago whatever I learnt and experienced in the workshop, it remains with me very strongly.
This workshop by Mr. Pami Singh was organised at a serene and calm venue in the Greater Noida called House of Kapaali, and it was spread over 2 days.

“The Divine Life You Were Born To Live” is one of the most powerful and exciting program developed by Pami Singh. This two day workshop enabled me to embrace my true and unique purpose for this divine journey and it helped me believe that I am the true divine perfection of God, the God is within me, and I am the God. The journey was replete with guided meditation, interactive exercises and personally validating experiences. Each and every aspect of this journey left me asking for more.

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