A Taste of Polish Cuisine

His Excellency, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, Mr.Tomasz Lukaszuk along with his wife Ms. Maria Lukaszuk hosted a dinner reception on Tuesday 15th March, 2016 at Hyatt Regency Delhi on the occasion of the visit of Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Poland, Ms. Ewa Lech​ along with her delegation,  who is in India ​for the participation of Polish brands at the ongoing AAHAR 2016.

The event began with a sampling of an array of polish confectionary which included some really exceptional chocolate truffles and milk chocolate.

From cookies to truffles, milk chocolate to chewy fudge, the most exceptional being dried tomato and peach savoury snacks.

Thats not all, there was some real organic juice sampling for non drinkers and well, for the more fortunate there was the Polish vodka, made from peaches. Many must have seen the brand ‘Belvedere’ already available in the Indian market.

Along with exceptional wine and vodka there was an assortment of cheese, kielbasa sausages and smoked Polish sausage. Although many of these products are already available in the market but it will be a great benefit to many to have all these products available which are very suitable for the indian palate.

A brief but an informative interaction with the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Poland, Ms. Ewa Lech​. She even praised the Indian cuisine and looked forward to the people present to enjoy the polish food being served there.

L-R, Mrs Maria Lukaszuk, HE Tomasz Lukaszuk with Ms Ewa Lech - Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Poland

From Left to Right: Wife of Ambassador Ms. Maria Lukaszuk, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, Mr.Tomasz Lukaszuk and Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Poland, Ms. Ewa Lech​


Dinner delicacies included both vegetarian and non – vegetarian options.
Similar to Indian cuisine the only best way to end a meal is dessert. The polish dessert are not too sweet but have the most amazing subtle flavour that makes you want to have more and more.
Polish cuisine is a combination of culinary traditions of many nations living in harmony for centuries. Polish cuisine draws inspiration from German, Austrian, Hungarian, Jewish cuisines as well as French, Turkish and Italian culinary traditions. The food is rich in meat, especially pork, chicken, beef, winter vegetables and herbs. The respect for bread, based on symbolism, customs and ceremonies, is part of Polish cultural heritage. Food of every season has its own charm and character. Chilly, winter days,and piercing cold compel the Polish people to seek warmth from nourishing hot soups, filling dishes as well as various beverages to warm up. Sour rye soup with kielbasa and eggs, Military style pea soup with a meat insert, Red borsch (sour soup made with red beets) are Polish winter favourites. So is Bread roasted ham, which is in the list of traditional products. Poland ranks 6th among EU countries in the production of farmed trout, whose quality is not much different from fish caught in natural rivers and streams. Rainbow trout is the most often bred species of fish in the country and provides nutrition important for the health of the countrymen. QAFP (Quality Assurance for Food Products) pork, lamb meat from Podhale region, a fine variety of mushrooms, raspberries and apples straight from the orchard are Polish products.
With the opening up more of the Indian market to the world and people becoming more aware of the products that are available. We can see lots of polish products in India which are being aggressively promoted by their agricultural agencies and other organisations.
As was explained by Tomasz Rozanski, Vice President of Agencja Rynku Rolnego, ARR (Agricultural Market Agency), presently the products are currently available on airports and other few outlets but shall soon be more readily and easily available.
Till then Twoje Zdrowie!

Review Credit – Deviyani Srivastava

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