Review: The Tipsy Project, Janakpuri

Spread out on two floors with uncluttered seating, The Tipsy Project is a lightly dim place which is best for friends to hangout, have some drinks and food while enjoying the music or a game of cricket. The seating is comfortable, with options of accommodating large groups of friends, couples and a bar table. The music is loud, and the day we visited was a mix of Punjabi and English songs – though they definitely failed to impress me.

The mixed cuisine menu offers you quite a variety. Chicken Tai-Chi is stir fried boneless chicken pieces with a variety of bell pepper and other veggies, a sweet and sour sauce. I would have a preferred it to be drier, but that’s a personal preference. Crispy Congee Lamb is a winner – the lamb as it should be and the sauces maintain the balance. Baked Chicken Nachos fare well, with in-house nachos topped with chicken and cheese, but the salsa fails to impress – too sweet. Pita bread with hummus repeats the story – the pita bread is good, but the consistency of the hummus is not – it is watery, but the taste is perfect.

crispy crongee lamg

chicken tai-chi

baked chicken nachos

pita bread with hummus

The TTP Special Pizza wins hands down – a combination of veggies and loads of cheese on a thin crust, wood fired – bliss! Penne in Golden Sauce (you’re right it’s not gold and it’s not that costly as well 🙂) – basically a mix sauce is a must try – the individual flavors of pesto, arrabbiata and alfredo retain themselves and create a medley of flavors.

pasta in goldenn sauce

TTP special pizza

With an extensive beverage menu, TTP is surely going to keep the alcohol loving fraternity happy. We tried a few cocktails and mocktails – Cucumber Spritzer & Fruit Punch from the mocktails section – the former refreshing and the latter a must try – temperature, taste and texture – all get full marks! From the cocktails menu Dirty Martini, Sangria, Green Apple Martini  were ordered and they absolutely justified themselves. A glass of Masala Coke (very well made) complimented the main course very well.

dirty martini and green apple martini

For dessert, we could only try the TTP Special Pan Rabri – and I am pretty sure we didn’t make any mistake here – the pan flavor didn’t overpower, the sweetness was perfect. Wanted to try the Bailey’s Gulab Jamun as well, but our appetite didn’t agree with us!

paan rabri

A good place to hang out with friends, have some drinks & enjoy those moments of friendship and love with music or over a cricket match – TTP brings cheer to the residents and visitors of Janakpuri – yeah definitely a place to get tipsy!

Plot 4, C Block, Community Centre, Pankha Road,Janakpuri, New Delhi
Open 11 AM to 1 AM
North Indian, Chinese, Italian – Extensive beverage menu and Hookahs!

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