Review “High 5, Cafe & Bar”

When one steps in the parameters of Hauz Khas Village, one basic fact is realized at that very moment that, this place is all about loosing sanity and party as hard as possible because, it is the hub of the spark. name the type  of place one likes and this area is full of that and in midst of all of this, comes an addition to the sparkle of this glitz under the exuberant tag of `High 5, Cafe & Bar`, located right next too the parking spot of HKV, this place is at 1st floor, next to Choco Vault, this venue has recently re-launched itself as they have done some amendments in their infrastructure and interiors of this place, and most pertinent to mention, the change has some effect with amazing interior designs and excellent outlook rendered as a final result.


As what was told to me, that the venue consist of or is made of 5 elements, is what they have tried to convey in their interiors, wood, earth, air, fire, water. Also that the re-launch was based on the concept of making the patrons aware of  the expansion of  this very venue, as it was really scintillating to look for the wooden texture and concomitantly the rugged earthy look with similar seating arrangements also not to forget the red aura/light depicting fire and then the air factor which steps in while one steps out in the balcony area which gives quite an impressive view of  the outside with fresh air, also portraying cloudy roof and excellent work in entirety.

Next it was time to  jump to the quintessential criteria, the Food and beverage tasting session, that I have to admit, came in pretty inadvertent and extremely appealing.


Trust me, this was only the starters and each one of them had a flavor, I am still relishing in my mouth, the Fried Cottage Cheese Fingers, Spring Rolls, Char-grilled stuffed Soya Chaap, Chilly Paneer with lots of veggies, Paneer Tikka, Hara Bhara Kebab, and the very course started with two eccentric and yet very refreshing mock-tails which were Cucumber fizz and strawberry and watermelon slush served in the most exciting manner possible. Every dish was amazing and without any flaw, the taste and the quality were not compromising at all and at any point. Eventually after devouring the initial deal we stepped into the main course without even thinking for even a second as it was so tempting as it became hard for  us to wait for the real deal. Then came the main course round which we were really zealed up, and it paid upfront.


Then we dug into some of their amazing double  cheese green forest pizza with an apt amount of thickness to the base and cheesy and juicy layer of cheese, prefect Pizza for the Pizza lovers also their Arriabiata Penne Pasta with tantalizing garlic bread was an impeccable catch up. It was an unforgettable meal, but nothing is complete until the dessert and it was our lucky day to  have just the brownies with hot  chocolate sauce but that was fate that it came in so well, that I was taken aback with its excellent flavors. Hot, creamy and chocolaty and top it over fabulous in taste and presentation it was adorable.


Review Credit : Sagar


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