S P Jain’s MBA ranked among Top Global MBAs


S P Jain has been a known name in India for a very long time. It has many international campuses now in Dubai, Singapore, Sydney and Mumbai. My friends and family have been to this university and vouch for it which is why I decided to do a blog on S P Jain to share why it is one of the best choices for an MBA and for higher education.

S P Jain was formed 11 years ago and for the last 5 years it has continuously been in top ranked B-schools. In 2015, the school was ranked No. 10 in the Best International Business School by Forbes for its one-year MBA program. In 2013–14, it was ranked in the Top 20 Best International Business Schools by Forbes. And in 2011 and 2012, UK’s Financial Times ranked the Global MBA in its Top 100 Global MBA rankings. One of the primary reasons why this B-school has caught the eye of many youngsters is because it is among the youngest business schools of our time to achieve this status.

What strikes me most about S P Jain’s Global MBA program is its global nature. Doing an MBA has never been more adventurous. If I had the opportunity to do an MBA and spend time at international campuses that would broaden my horizon that would probably be the best time of my life. It is very interesting why S P Jain has selected such distinct countries as its location for global MBAs. Each country represents a dynamic regional economy and an ideal backdrop to learn global business, to apply one’s learning in an international context, build important global networks, and develop and demonstrate key real-world attributes.

What the alumni of S P Jain love about it is that they offer comprehensive business education that provides students with cultural insights and expose them to the best practices from around the world, and help them to develop a global outlook. I have studied in a business school in the UK and I was quite pleased to hear from my acquaintances that there is finally a business school in India that can provide the same quality of education and exposure as an international B-School.

S P Jain follows a rolling placement process that is spread across 4-5 months giving students and recruiters the option of choosing the best fit. So far, over 150+ companies have participated in S P Jain’s placements cycle.

Famous alumni from S P Jain Include, Anil Mehta, director, Max New York Life, Janak Desai, country head – treasury, IDBI Bank, Anshul Jain, CEO ThoughtBuzz Singapore, Rohit Gadia CEO CapitalVia Global Research Limited Bangalore/Indore, India, etc.

Anshul Jain believes that his life after his MBA at S P Jain has completely changed for the better as he has learnt practical skills that are relevant to the market practices. This has helped him go up the corporate ladder faster than his counterparts. There are many such success stories that are extremely impressive and make me believe that the quality of education in India will only keep improving for the better.

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