Adventures in Dubai with Zenfone Zoom

Asus sent me their Zenfone Zoom (priced at ₹37,999) a few weeks ago. I was about to leave for Dubai when I got it. I just don’t know how to pack light and when I weighed my luggage it was way over limit and that is why I couldn’t carry my DSLR with me. I wasn’t too bothered though because I took the Zenfone with me and I was secretly hoping it would replace my DSLR somehow, did it? Read on to know if this really is the best camera phone!

So, I was at the airport and I got really hungry. I am a lifestyle blogger and I love eating, I review restaurants all the time and I pride myself in taking really amazing food shots (I try!)


I was at the Plaza Premium Lounge at the New Delhi Airport and the chef who is an old friend of mine kept getting me all these delectable treats. I couldn’t stop myself from photographing some of them. Now I didn’t get as much precision as I would get with my DSLR but the 3x Zoom sure helped in getting good shots of the food that wasn’t very close to me at the table. This is ideal for smartphone photography.

The best part is that it has a 13MP ultra fast Laser Auto focus feature. I love the auto focus feature because that just relaxes me and cuts off the tension of rotating the camera lens ring to achieve the perfect focus making it one of the best camera phones.

The Zenfone Zoom comes with 4GB RAM and 64 bit Intel CPU.

Other features are:

• World thinnest 3X optical Zoom, total 12X Zoom

• 4GB RAM, Intel PC level performance

• 4 Stops Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)

• 10P HOYA Lens (10 elements)

• 360 degrees Sphere Panorama

You can see the complete phone specs here. Don’t miss the video above. There are lots of good smartphones in the market but once you look at the pictures I’ve shared you will agree that Zenfone Zoom is a serious threat to most of them.

Dubai is a wonderful holiday destination and there is so much to do in Dubai. I lived right opposite Sky Dive Dubai and saw sky divers and planes all the time. I couldn’t help photographing some of that lovely action for my blog.


The 12x zoom certainly helped in getting as close as possible.

Sky Dive Dubai hosted WAG DUBAI or World Air Games in Dubai and I got to see some really kickass action.

The sky was filled with colours and patterns and I captured all of that with my Zenfone Zoom. I really do love smartphone photography. Isn’t it super convenient?


I even tried to used the panorama feature that worked pretty well!

After WAG it was time for Valentine’s Day. We went to Jebel Ali Resort for the celebrations  and it was really interesting. One of the most warm parties I have ever been to. The service sucked at first and there was a lot of confusion but everything was sorted out later and it was like a big fun party. This is what I wore for Valentine’s Day. I really love red and I adore how beautiful this camera’s colour palette is.


At the party, Strangers mingled with one another, there was food, music, dancing and booze!


I got this lovely picture, I especially love how bright and red the cupcakes’ frosting looks!

After Valentine’s Day it was time for some crazy sales. We went to the most amazing party in dubai at Jumeirah Beach Hotel overlooking Burj Al Arab. We had private access to the beach where we could see the amazing fireworks around Burj Al Arab.

3  5
It was quite dark but the camera phone captured these beautiful pictures. I wish I could share more shots with you as I love ever single picture I clicked that night. I was very pleased to see what this camera can do in such a low light settings.

My trip to Dubai was amazing and I ate a lot. I ate so much that I got really guilty started a healthy campaign on my blog while I was there as a part of my #100HealthyDays campaign, I went running on the beach, cycling at the marina and gymming everyday at JBR.


15  9

I ate healthy food and made loads of salads. My phone has a lot of storage so I downloaded heaps of apps to help me in my journey.


I also made collages of my workout cycles and posted them on Instagram. While I was working out I listened to my favourite music on the phone. Asus Zenfone Zoom has really good sound quality. The best part is that it doesn’t slip out of my hand either because it has a non-slip leather like back. The leather back gives it a rich, stylish and luxurious feel.

Did I regret not carrying my DSLR with me? That would be a NO!

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