When I heard that my absolute favourite breakfast place was back in G-town, I was beyond thrilled.



It was a weekday night but I couldn’t have cared less. I went there straight from work and promptly ordered their Wicked Brownie Shake that was a blend of espresso, vanilla, brownie and cookies. I wanted another one but I didn’t think I’d have the appetite for dinner if I did.


To begin with, we got the Super Sampler that had cheese nachos, buffalo wings , friend prawns and mozzarella sticks. The sampler came with tartar sauce and salsa.

While I enjoyed almost everything on the platter,I didn’t enjoy the wings very much. They could have definitely been softer.

For our main course,we got the chicken pot pie, a lamb burger and the herb crumbed grilled fish.





The chicken pot pie came with a soft pastry which was definitely a plus point.The pot pie was perfect comfort food !

The lamb burger that came with a side of salad and potato wedges had a perfectly soft, melt in your mouth patty and I would definitely order it again. We got an extra side of bacon and the bacon was the perfect amount of crisp !


The grilled fish, however, definitely was the winner. Grilled to perfection and perfectly flavoured. I added a little lemon to the fish and I was in a food coma. I’d definitely go back to All American Diner, even if it was just for the fish.




For dessert, we had the chocolate silk pie. I would have liked to have the waffles but I was stuffed after the meal! The silk pie was a bit of a chocolate overdose, but I enjoyed it anyway. I also tried the mint coffee with my dessert, which complemented the dessert very well.



The service, of course was on point and the staff was very friendly. I am definitely going back there soon. All American Diner never fails to bring a smile to my face.



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