Review: Tom McCarthy’s Spotlight

sen city

Journalism rarely looks as good as it does in American movies.

This, I assure you, is not because journalism isn’t essential or noble or brave. It is every bit those things and more. Yet the finest, truest bits of journalism — the bits that topple governments, the bits that win Pulitzers, the bits that inspire generations — are decidedly unglamorous. They are moments of sweat and inspiration and assiduous fact-checking and beachcombing and persistence and doggedness, and it is this good old fashioned grind that keeps the presses rolling, that keeps the idealism alive. The truth may eventually be sexy, but getting to it is frequently a slog.


It is this slog that Tom McCarthy captures so exquisitely in his taut, ice-cold Spotlight, a film about a group of real-life crusaders taking on a seriously sinister can of worms. The film is named after one of those journalism ideas…

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