Restaurant Review: Potbelly Rooftop Cafe, Bihar Niwas, Delhi

  Let me just say it right away – Potbelly has some seriously good grub. I love eating out but I never go to the same restaurant twice, why should I there are over 10,000 restaurants in the city! Potbelly is the kind of place I would happily go to again and again. The other one that I frequent is Carnatic Cafe in NFC. 

The chef isn’t from Bihar but he is an excellent learner because he has absorbed the essence of Bihari cooking from the Owner’s mother and has created something of a spectacle with his magic hands. The food was fragrant, flavourful and proper soul-food. 


We sat at the restaurant for hours and ate course by course. Sips of “masala chai” in between helped make space for more wonderful dishes. 

The “ghooghni chura” was delicious, everyone at the table loved it and scarped every last bite out of the earthenware it was served in. 
The “champaran mutton curry” was superlative. The pieces of meat were slightly pink in the middle and they were extremely soft and full of the lovely flavours of the curry they were soaked in. It came with a “pyaz paratha” that reminded me of my grand mom’s food. 




The desserts consisted in “makkhna kheer”, “pineapple cake” and “apple cinnamon cake” and were quite homely desserts. The cakes were served with vanilla ice cream. 

I would certainly recommend this restaurant and I would go back for sure!

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