Restaurant Review: Salad Days or Salad Delays? 

  I’ve been on a healthy diet for more than a month now and I have been shuttling between Dubai and Delhi. When I came to Gurgaon this week I was told by fellow foodies that Salad Days has amazing salads. I really wanted to give it a try after I had a bite out of one of my friend’s salads. 

I ordered the salad and they delivered after more than an hour and 30 minutes. I had to leave for the airport because when the guy arrived with the salad I was just stepping out. I was quite disappointed that I could not eat it as when I tried a bite it tasted quite good. However, that wasn’t the worst part. I was contacted by Zomato to tell me that the restaurant is claiming that the salad arrived in 45 minutes as promised. I can get into dirty details and post screen shots to prove my point but I guess I don’t want to. What I’m only gonna say is that Salad Days, you have really disappointed me with your attitude. 

Sad sad sad! 

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