Tokyo Mon Amour @ Guppy by ai

It’s a rarity when you step inside a restaurant, and it just wraps you in its cheerful warmth. Guppy by ai is one such place. It gets all the more exciting when two much loved restaurants, Guppy by ai and Le Bistro Du Parc come together to give you a pop-up ‘Tokyo Mon Amour’. An amalgamation of French & Japanese cuisine.

While making ourselves comfortable, we are informed that ‘Tokyo Mon Amour’ has a wide range of cocktails and were coaxed into trying a few. The food menu is a la carte but we decided to go along by the Chef’s suggestion.


The Apero-Kobachi (aperitifs with appetizers) started with Wasabi Mimosa and a Cured Tomato & Ginko nut salad. The salad stirred up the taste buds with its simple, fresh flavors making us anticipating the next in line; pairing very well with the drink. Following it, was the ‘Nicoise Salad’ – composing of french beans, artichokes, anchovies, tuna and tamagoyaki (or the Japanese omelet) on a bed of lettuce – a relish to behold. Essentially known as a French salad but served with a Japanese twist here, the salad was full of raw hints of the French beans, seared tuna, olives, dressed with some vinegar and mustard which added a beautiful consistency to the whole salad.

edamame ‘Fleur de Del’ – steamed soyabean pods tossed with sea salt

cured tomato & ginko nut salad

nicoise salad inspired tuna tataki, wasabi-soya vinaigrette

The beverage section of the menu is uniformly innovative – The Tokyo Connection, Wasabi Mimosa & Ichigo Punch are some brilliant choices from their cocktail menu. The Wasabi Mimosa is a must try – fresh orange , wasabi infused vodka & sparkling wine – the three musketeers do their magic.

ichigo punch & gari punch

wasabi mimosa


Curry Pan Bread (kare pan) uses the French staples and gives the Japanese breakfast favorite a new twist – the panko crust does its job and is very light in-spite of being deep fried. Cheese Korokke, originally linked to the French croquette, is a blast of flavor – stuffed with cream and French Gruyere cheese – a tip – put the entire piece in your mouth at once – and boom!

cheese korokke

curry pan bread

Ramen Crouquet Madame – is inspired by the best of both worlds – the ramen buns from the Japanese cuisine are a welcome change from the regular buns and the cracked fried egg on the top along with the cheese and ham give it the charm. The ever famous Sushi also takes a new avatar – bacon & cream cheese sushi  rolls with black rice; tempura sushi rolls with wasabi-citron soy; asparagus & ham maki, parmesan and aonori dusk with drizzles of truffle oil – bring out the best of the worlds.

ramen crouquet madame

asparagus & ham maki, parmesan & aonori dust

in-house cold-smoked salmon with micro cress, dill & creme fraiche

mushroom & asparagus gyoza with rustic tomato salsa, chivas & cream reduction

home smoked brie

Tokyo Mon Amour’s cocktails and small plates menu only features in the indoor lounge and the courtyard of Guppy by ai – with romance in the air and the servers on their toes to give you the best experience, Tokyo Mon Amour is a not-to-be-missed pop-up that offers the inspired cuisine.


Fact Sheet:

Guppy by ai, 28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi – 03
February 2016 – April 2016

Every Wednesday to Sunday, 7 pm onwards

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