In the middle of the Partying Hub @ Sector 29, Gurgaon, comes a new entrant with a twist and difference in approach. Presenting the `Sense of Spirits`, claiming to become the biggest Bar with almost 100 cocktails option to go for, it has some fairly tempting dreams for the patrons and for the lovers of booze and party.

With a space of almost 75 to 80 people to accommodate, smoking area with non-congestion vents and also, a lavish bar serving the drinks with style and attitude, is this place offers to its clients. Eclectic interior with beautiful wall-designs and craftsmanship on the textures of wall, the place if given a different and tangy look. The DJ console attached to  the bar comes in pretty handy and so does the music being played at this venue.

The swirl of blue all over the venue makes it happening and all-together a very frolic deal to every step that keeps in the room. The owner of this place is also the owner of a place equally beautiful and already into the talks and on everyone’s mouth whenever the name comes up i.e. ‘White Waters’ @ Connaught Place, New Delhi. The place is very much resembling to ‘White Waters’ and also that the staff and the services have been equally diligent towards the customers as they are on their toes in Connaught Place.


The infrastructure has been paid utmost attention  and so is the sitting facilities, the comfortable couches and spacious room for everyone to put up is very impressive. But, the deal comes in when its time to talk for food and drinks and that;’s where it all begins, and surely just like its sister concern this venue proves their steel with a nerve bending affirmation, as everything served to us was fulfilling and satisfactory thoroughly.


We started our appetite with, Bharwan Paneer Tikka and Cheese parcels along with Mezze Platter (Authentic Lebanese Platter) accompanied with some refreshing Watermelon chiller and Aam Panna Mojito. Such ultimate and rejoicing choices we made while having our meal like its being suggested by the Chef only. Gradually we stepped upto order for Farmer’s Veg Pizza and Jalapeno Chickpeas Burger which again turned out to be simply outstanding, like impeccable was every dish, and not even a single flaw of either taste or quality and also quantity uncompromized. Then finally, Maphatofu Veg was the final dish which came as a main course and not believing that how can something like tofu become so unconventionally delicious. We were literally taken aback by the decadent taste of the platter as well as of this tofu dish. So finally we hopped onto the dessert section which the chef himself served us with the benchmark dish they call ‘Basbousa’ which was coconut and semolina mix with sweetening ingredients and turns out I am in love with this dessert. Simply outstanding it was. the taste of this dish can never evade my tongue. I am still in the awe of  this dessert. And also before my drink was over something very eccentric was offered and that aberrant taste changed to wow factor, kiwi and strawberry slush with real flavor and peel of both the fruits being submerged with the slush inside. It was mind boggling.


Garnished with Different coconut powder, this dish is the true winner of  the night, along with all the dishes, this swept the floor, with amazement and excellence. Loved it thoroughly and waiting for the day to turn up again on asap note.

Review Credit: Sagar


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