BUDWEISER on 18 Feb @ Summer House Cafe

The Budweiser event at Delhi’s sought after ‘Summerhouse Cafe’ was obviously very very crowded but had a nice, fun vibe to it.

IMG-20160219-WA0002       IMG-20160219-WA0001

This is a multi city event that was aimed at setting aside regular nights at a bar/pub from the bud nights.



This was an experiential night facilitated by Budweiser, on Thursday. So as to engage with the customers, familiarize them with the brand attributes and drive interest for Sensation 2016.

Throughout the nights, there were BUD moments after every few minutes giving a feel how sensation would like: After every gap of an hour or so, the DJ/ Emcee announced that we have hit a milestone. This was basically informing everyone’s about the number of tweets have been posted and one lucky winner would get a Budweiser Bucket.


3 such #turneverythingup moments happened that night.

The DJ was brilliant and everyone enjoyed the music very much.

One winner also won a ticket the Hyderabad event!


The food, with four items on a preset menu was easily above average, though I have heard nicer things about the food at Summerhouse.

I do see this concept being accepted by people and it should probably pick up in the near future. It was a fun night in totality.

However, I must add that I was very unimpressed by the service that night. In addition to this the manager at Summerhouse was beyond obnoxious.


I personally,have zero interest in going back to summerhouse.



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