Food Festival: Dastarkhwan-e-Awadh @ Zaffran, GK1

Who doesn’t love the cuisine from the land of the nawabs. The mere mention of kebabs sets the taste buds on overtime – that earthy smell, that woody taste and that melt in the mouth texture – no doubt kebabs were considered a piece de resistance in the awadhi cuisine.

Zaffran – the Indian speciality restaurant in GK1 is hosting Dastarkhwan-e-Awadh – a Lucknowi Food Festival to bring the delicacies of the nawabi cuisine to NCR – with chefs from the Qureshi family taking the role of the rakabdars, the talented bawarchis of Zaffran have cooked up a menu which is bound to bowl you over.

The ambience is impressive. Zaffran is one place which has uplifting capabilities. Plenty of sunlight, a good view, nice music which allows you to comfortably have conversations and a swift service, just adds to the experience.


The menu is limited – 6 varieties of starters, a main dish, a selections of breads and a dessert – but that is something which enhances the appeal. There are very limited options for vegetarians for now – in fact – just one, but that is top-notch.

Murgh Gulbahar Seekh & Mutton Awadhi Seekh – are succulent and juicy while retaining the smoky flavour of being cooked over a chulha. Dum Awadhi Boti is deviant from the ideal, with the taste of the masala overpowering the flavor of the meat. Mutton Galawti and the only veg. dish on the menu – Veg Shammi are fully competent in exciting your taste buds.

dum awadhi boti

mutton awadhi seekh

mutton galawti

veg shammi

murgh gulbahar seekh

Koi Awadh – chicken in saffron gravy is the only dish donning the main course and why not – it is a pleasure what each bite does – the flavor of saffron – ah bliss! Pair it with the Warki Parantha or the Peshawari Roti and you would keep wanting more.

koi awadh

peshawari roti

The only dessert in the menu for the food festival – Nawabi Halwa – beats everything hands down. Amalgamation of milk and mawa, you just can’t get your hands off till you finish it. If you are here during the festival time, this is a must try.

nawabi halwa

The Dastarkhwan-e-Awadh, Lucknowi Food festival is on for 45 days starting February 14 @ Zaffran, N-2 Greater Kailash-1, New Delhi 48 . Though the menu is limited right now, it may see more dishes added, but nevertheless, this is one of the festivals you mustn’t miss!


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