New Restaurant- MeSoHappi,BKC,Mumbai

The Popular linking Road favourite MeSoHappi has now opened up a new branch in BKC. Along with being known as a popular commercial area in Mumbai,BKC is now being recognized for the various restaurants fine dining options it houses.

What better a place to open up this new branch of MeSoHappi and oh this restaurant really does know how to leave you Happy.

The playful ambiance,abundant colours and vast menu are only a few of the many reasons to come here!

I’m sure all the foodies of Mumbai know that if there’s a ‘Bunny Chow’ to be had then the first name that will be taken is MeSoHappi but this time we decided to scour out some of their other delicious dishes and list them out for you!

We started our meal with a salad and being an absolute meat lover, the day you will find me appreciating a vegetarian salad is the day it has been prepared that well. The Smoked Cheese,cous cous and beetroot salad was fresh,refreshing, light and absolutely beautifully plated.


We continued our meal with tasting portions of Bombillo, Dynamite Prawns,Chicken Satay and Prawn and Bacon Potato Skins.

A few of these starters were hits and a few were misses but overall they comprised a good beginning.

I absolutely loved the Potato Skins, crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and generously topped with prawn and bacon. These were flavourful and Spot on!


The Dynamite prawns as well were true crackers. Crisp, meaty and dipped in a smooth spicy mayo these were delicious.


Unfortunately the Bombillo or the Bombay Duch had a fishy smell and we couldn’t enjoy it to the fullest.

The Chicken Satay unfortunately was a mood dampener as well. It was tough and didn’t have the correct seasoning.

Our main course comprised of the Signature Chicken Bunny Chow and a Burmese Khowsuey

Well, who can complain about the popular and lip smacking African preparation of the Bunny Chow at MeSoHappi. It is out and out and unquestionable fabulous!

With flavours and spices similar to those of our own cuisine and served in an ingenious scooped out loaf of bread, this dish is a true winner!

The scooped out bread is even torn into bits and served alongside for one to dip and douse in the curry.

What a brilliant idea, truely!


The Khowsuey served with a host of condiments was delicately spiced and pleasantly flavoured.

We enjoyed the presentation and our mix and match of condiments and ended our main course on a very pleasant note.


When it came to desserts, Chef Anirudha really wowed us with his talent and understanding of flavour and combination.

We were served a Paan Rasmalai!

Who would have ever imagined that the two would marry together so beautifully!

The best part about this dish was that it was even topped with gulkand and Paan Masala’s.

Some Real Authentic Fusion is what I’d call that.


Apart from these we ordered some of the beautiful desserts we saw on the shelf and although the Chocolate Cake and Pecan Tart made for some Beautiful pictures they were not as wonderful to the palate.



All in all, MeSoHappi is a playful and funky restaurant with some great food an ambiance.

The beautiful Tiles with a Moroccan feel, colorful posters and games add a bright and bountiful touch to the experience and one is bound to leave this restaurant ever So Happy!


Review Credit – Sanskaara Lalwani


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