DSC_0009It’s difficult to call a house a home if it lacks creature comforts. Without the right furniture and accessories a house is just an empty shell. Nevertheless, deciding how to furnish a home can be intimidating when you’re staring at blank walls.  Designing goes well beyond the expected aesthetics of color and pillow patterns. Though these do form an integral part of the bigger picture, an intelligent design of the interiors allows the space to reflect the owner’s lifestyle, balancing aesthetic and functionality in a way that they seamlessly merge together to compliment and transform the copious amounts of empty space and the bare walls.

After months of the rigorous process of construction, deliberating on the interiors of the space with a professional can be a very satisfying and fun process, provided you find a good partner like Asian Paints.!!!, as they bring a vision to your home and life. Asian Paints matches your online experience to your needs.

The store gives visitors great designs on customizing furniture with color palette like color-pro, color code, color spectra, color guide and more on wood. Asian Paints believe in “Try and Decide “and inspire us. They hosted a new “wood-tech” ideas like Vintage, Ethnic, European, Modern and Retro designed according to style, taste and personality. Creation Products like Wood-Tech Polyester, Wood-Tech Emporio Pu, Wood-Tech Polyester Pigmented, Wood-tech Emporio Pu Pigmented, Wood-tech Aquadur Pu Interior, Wood-tech Aquadur Pu Exterior, Wood-tech Pu Interior, Wood-tech Pu Exterior, Wood-tech Pu Palette Interior, Wood-tech Pu Palette Exterior, Wood-tech Melamyne Gold Clear, Wood-tech Melamyne,Wood-tech Touchwood Interior, Wood-tech Touchwood Exterior to inspire us!!!

We, the visitors should definitely choose Asian Paints Signature store because of Diversity and Ideas. At every step they provide great variety of ideas and help to choose the apt designs, color, and material with a cost cutting edge as well as eco-friendly with the help of their products and software as well as live representation of the ideas for visual aid.

Asian Paints Signature focuses on the idea of transforming furniture that we have in our homes so that they become statement pieces that express our style and personality. Designer Deepa introduced ideas like Let the furniture stand out, Mix it up or combine it with the opposite, Going back to basics with a pinch of modern, Play with the pattern, Choose a focal point on your furniture, Colors that will draw attention, Never throw away old furniture, Change the looks and feel fresh and idea of refurbishing.

Selecting an appropriate wood type like Pine, Teak or Mahogany one can stain the wood or transform it with the help of Color Scope by Asian Paints , Wood Finishes with more than 100 options will result in matt or glossy finish along with Wood-Tech Palette and will make your furniture a style statement and unique.


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