Weekend Brunch @ Ek Bar, Defency Colony

What do you do when a place has you hooked? – Well visit it whenever you can!

Ek Bar is one such place which never fails to amaze and enthrall. Known for being one of the first Indian cocktail bars in the city, this place has much to offer. Their enigmatic surroundings will immediately relax you; transporting you to an era of nostalgia. On the menu; be it cocktails or the genius creations of Chef Sujan Sarkar, everything has a story relatable to it.

The niche cocktail bar in Defence Colony introduced a new brunch menu. Already a fan of their cocktails (Murabba Mule is to die for), and their food, they just gave me another reason to frequent them on weekends!! The weekend brunch started in November and has seen new dishes added every now and then. Being invited to a Brunch menu tasting; we couldn’t help ourselves to avoid.


This is not a regular buffet brunch, rather, a la carte menu specially crafted for the weekend brunches, highlighting the most popular dishes of the restaurant and the new ones! The new ones we tasted this time – Mushroom and Kalari Cheese Sandwich, Akuri Frittata, Ek Bar Ramen, Bombay Pomfret & Thalassery Chicken Biryani – just kept us hooked for the entire duration.

Ek Bar Ramen is a innovative take on ramen, served with chicken sorba, a portion of crispy chilli chicken, boiled eggs & crispy garlic and peanuts! Now who knew this avatar of the ramen! Bombay Pomfret just stands out. With the perfect blend of green spice where nothing overpowers anything and the moist fish, this was the most loved, along with the khatta alu and mustard cream! The thalassery chicken biryani is the Chef’s take on the traditional love. While the taste is retained, the presentation is very different from the original, which is much less colorful. Chicken Goli Kebab is another dish on the menu that you must try – this gives you the pleasure of both the goli kebab and butter chicken – the gravy is to die for !

thalassery chicken biryani

akuri frittata

ek bar ramen

chicken goli kebab

pumpkin mulligatawny with walnut taftan

mushroom & kalari cheese sandwich

baked saffron yogurt

What do I say about the beverages – I go crazy with each one (a little because of the alcohol, and a lot because of the punch :)). Murabba Mule is the favorite! The new items on the menu continue keeping the bar up! Indo Cuban Tales, The East India Cup, The Ambassador’s Punch and Cantonment Punch all pack a story with a punch! The feeling can’t be explained, head out and experience it! And don’t worry, if you are spoilt for choices and can’t decide, leave it on the ever so charming bartender!




the amazing cocktails

the place where these beauties are made

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P.S. – Though the invitation was from the restaurant, thoughts are ours and unbiased. Portion sizes might have been customized for the experience.

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