Leela’s Lavish Buffet

If you’re looking for an exciting, satiating, delicious and wholesome meal then my first recommendation would always and without the slightest doubt be the Buffet at Citrus, The Leela.

The Leela has been almost like a second home to me since my childhood and I’ve got to say, no matter how much I go there they never fail to surprise me with their constant innovation and endeavour.



Right from their weekly seafood special, to their seasonal festivities every dish and every meal prepared by them is immaculate, beautifully presented and of supreme quality.

If you were about to believe that good food is the only thing Citrus has to offer I should mention the stupendous view the cafe has. From the tall glass windows you can get the blissful view of a large waterfall surrounded by lush greenery and tall plants.


The menu comprises a selection of salads, cold cuts, cheeses, small plated appetizers, grills, a selection of global main course, a pasta and pizza counter and an assortment of some of the best desserts the city has to offer.

Some of my favourite dishes across my various visits are Roast Pork served with an assortment of Jus, the small plated Salads, Thai Curry and Fried Rice. They serve the best Appam and Stew in the city and some wonderful Continental and European Food.

On Sunday’s the buffet is inclusive of some great mocktails and cocktails. The Pinna Colada and Fruit Punch stand amongst my highly recommended.

The one thing that really stands out to me as a customer is the impeccable service from the Staff at the Leela. They are ever smiling, ever helpful, extremely courteous and they ensure that your visit is an absoloute pleasure!



I consider it my duty to specially mention that you must reserve a good amount of your appetite for their desserts as they are absolutely Brilliant! An absolute pleasure to the eye but even better on your palette, the chefs here really know what theytre talking about when it comes to flavour, texture and balance. The restaurant can boast of a great pannacotta and I have always enjoyed their desserts that come with a hit of acidity and are balanced by chocolate.


I usually end my meal by taking a coffee to go and sip it whilst enjoying the Leisurely poolside. Yes, thats right, the buffet comes with some great coffee’s to end with. I usually go for a classic Cappucino or a Mocha.

These are only a few of the numerous joys a meal at the Citrus comes with, why don’t you head there and share some if your own?

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