Weight Loss Journey: Day 24

I did miss gym two times this week but I’ve decided to not be so hard on myself this time around. If I have to make this weight loss journey a long term thing, I’m gonna have to be consistent. 

Eating heathy is very important to see results on the scale and boy am I glad that my weight has gone down to 66 kilos now. It hasn’t been easy and there have been certain incidents where I haven’t been able to control what I eat but I guess that’s life. One can’t afford to give up. Power through your failures and success will be yours.

I went to the gym a little early because I learnt that going to the gym in the middle of the night messes with ones sleep pattern. I usually go at 1-2, I went at 10:30. I’ll try to go sooner today.

Food wise I’ve been sticking to a lot of salads and proteins and my favourite tea. I’ve completely given up green tea but I guess now that I’ve acknowledged that I’m gonna go back to it again.

Mentally, I have been very occupied with a taxing situation at home so I guess all this body and diet stuff isn’t taxing me at all. I don’t know whether it’s a good thing or bad but I do know that I’ve gotta learn to be stress free. 

My diet:

Morning– tea, Marie biscuits, bread and eggs 

Mid morning– fruit smoothie with Greek yoghurt 

Afternoon– green salad with chicken/meat and a healthy dressing. An Iso pure drink or tea.

Evening– nuts, tea, Marie biscuits 

Night–  green salad with chicken/meat and a healthy dressing. An Iso pure drink or milk.

Midnight snack– sunflower seeds or ritz crackers. 

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