Yumchek – Beer Brunch @ Beer Cafe

The world is getting advanced every second and the more digitized it gets the more revolutionary it strives to attain the impeccability. Everything is nowadays on the finger tips even the food and that is where the things starts to heat up.

Everyone is onto  the concept of making things ergonomical for others and so  the technology steps up and innovates something new, similarly like this new Mobile based Application called the ‘YUMCHEK’. Just like other food ordering sites this application does the same work but with an extra essence, that this application not only tells you about  food but everything from reservation to ordering to food details and finally to the every diminutive factor about food and its add on.

Not  just regular options but also the size you want to party or the way you want to party, this beer brunch was for the launch of this very application, and it came out successfully. And when it comes to beer with a nice delectable brunch alongwith some crafted beer, The Beer Cafe @ Cyber Hub, is the name of the game.

The entire staff was into the launch celebration and the organizer very skillfully explained the working and precise operation of this application on our phones. It was an absolute delight to be there and be a part of  this whole food and technology fusion panorama.

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A single moto and single commitment, Make Every Meal Count.

It was an interesting experience as there was such delicious food and tasty brewed beer and above all the beer cafe ambiance, and it was all perfect and set to  go.

Do download the application, and enjoy the new journey to food and its delicious labyrinth to crave over and over.

Loved it.

Credit Review : Sagar


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