Pop-up Alert :) – Tokyo Mon Amour

When the best of French & Japanese cuisines get together, Tokyo Mon Amour happens! Intrigued? Read on …

The contemporary Japanese restaurant hosting a sushi bar – Guppi by ai and the popular French Bistro Le Bistro du Parc have come together and conceptualized Tokyo Mon Amour. Pure Franco-Japanese love (Mon Amour translates to my love :)) – a bar with deliciously heady cocktails and a small plates menu by Chef Vikram Khatri, conceptualized by Naina de Bois Juzan and AD Singh has opened its gates!

Head out for a delicious pairing of sushi with wine and sake with cheese! bon appétit, san!

Fact Sheet:

Address- 28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi – 03

Opening Date- 3rd February 2016

Time- Every Wednesday to Sunday, 7 pm on-wards.TokyoMonAmour

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