‘LAGOM Kitchen & Brewery’ Review

The term ‘LAGOM’ is a Swedish word meaning “just the right amount”. The terminology, is into a well adapted rendition as the venue is in its most apt state of definition to its name. The venue is a mix of of everything, as the meaning also suggest in English, it means sufficient, appropriate etc. as the ambiance, space, decoration, sitting accommodation, brewery, bar, kitchen, outdoor sitting, indoor smoking and dining area, DJ live console with floor to dance and also in view beer distilleries. 

The restaurant is divided in two parts, wood and stone texture, also that the place is really wide and profuse in space, that it gives a look of a lavish dining experience while stepping inside. The view from inside was really nice whilst the outside look gave a very smooth look. The venue is located at the JMD Megapolis, Sohna Road, right on the ground floor, with a big banner to highlight its existence.

Its on the due fact that the Sohna Road, does not have much of the Breweries and even the whole Gurgaon, is lacking in some quality brewing experience, but with this classic venue, crafting and brewing its own beer with different flavors, finally Sohna Road is about to dig into some real deal of fine brewed beer taste.


If it is a beautiful weather, then this place comes in real handy and if it is not then also it comes in real handy, no parking problem, can even organize a grand party in house, in the venue, it also has a dining area with smoking and vents facility for no congestion and smoke plus eat amenity. The live bar is always to serve some fresh crafted beer and other beverages with some scintillating mock-tails and concoctions. Whereas, the DJ console is there put things inn motion with amazing music around the room.

The view of the brewery that cuts into the beauty as it looks  very artistic and that the wheat Belgian beer with a zesty orange flavor they serve is off the hook deal, as was the observation of the clients that showed up. 

Now to mention, about the very concept the name is defining itself is the brewery as well as the kitchen which means food, and like the owner of the place claimed, excellent food with very appealing taste, also on special occasion the buffet shall be organized but specifically this place is an Ala-cart deal restaurant.

Really delicious and very fine thin crust pizza, Green Thai Curry, Mint Chutney Paneer Tikka, Smoked chilly chicken, Mediterranean fish, Veg Chopsuey were some of the mesmerizing starter we had, eventually the main course had Daal Makhni, Parat Paneer, Raita, Pulao, Hot breads were served on the table and finally for desserts we had Tiramisu, Gulab Jamun and Chocolate truffle Mousse. It was a full power package of a grand buffet, even after having so much we were left with a lot many dishes to try but there was no space left to fill in. The taste, presentation, quality was uncompromising and amazingly delicious dishes. they serve different cuisine and they surely need no improvisation in either of them. 


It was an excellent experience and a very memorable one, very soon my next visit is planned to this very menu. The prices were really economical and the reach is easy, in all a complete package to enjoyment. Loved it.

Review Credit : Sagar

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