Weight Loss Journey: Day 17: Proteins & Working Out

It’s hard to just stick to having lots of proteins as they mess with your system and slow you down. You need carbs to function properly.

I really loved the Atkins diet and the complexity of it made me like it more. I love my meats and everytime I stood on the scale when I was following Atkins I saw a considerable dip.

I can’t go off carbs completely now because I know how unhealthy that is but since I’ve heard of the term “wheat belly”, I sure am going easy on the amount of carbs I consume everyday. Has it been working? Like hell yes.

I skipped gym yesterday, a lot of pain in my calves from doing so many squats but I’m gonna make it up today by burning double the calories. 

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Wish me luck! 

Image source: healthline.com

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