Weight Loss Journey: Day 14: Gym it up!

So I was really not happy that I took a break from doing any physical activity yesterday so today I did a double workout. I felt like a part of me had died after it but I felt very relieved that I had finished what I had set out to do.

Am gonna have to do weights soon because I just don’t wanna lose weight. I also want to be beautifully toned. 

Someone life will hand you lemons, you will need to make lemon tart or lemon juice (if you’re on a diet) and move on! Usually something drastic has to happen for someone to kick their weightloss and health journey into high gear but always remember if you are already healthy, things will be a little easy for you. 

My diet:

Breakfast: tea, oat cookies, egg whites and bread

Mid morning: green tea and a bowl of fruit

Lunch: chicken, salad and green tea 

Snack: banana cookies, tea 

Dinner: chicken sandwich with lots of salad

Midnight snack: dried mulberries 

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