Review “The University Bistro”

`Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors – it’s how you combine them that sets you apart`.

This quote goes pretty well with this very food joint as it sets a different foot in the stakes of taste and innovation. The University Bistro, a new restaurant/cafe in the streets of  Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar, New Delhi, where almost a preponderant amount of  cafes exist, this  is a new debut with a remarkable establishment with not even exceeding a monthly phase. The entrance is very pleasing and so is the aura and interior of this place.


The place is in the very heart of North Campus, Delhi University so the concept of this very venue or shall I say the very psyche of this cafe is being student friendly, because the place has an ambiance which suits mostly the youth, not just the cafe factors but also the quotes of great philanthropists and most resplendent minds of the centuries is pictured on the walls and not just that, from sports to politics to world traveling and music above all. People can step in and hang out with their buddies and have a time of leisure laugh fun and frolic with peace and a some exquisite food and music as well. Now to talk about the menu and their approach towards the students pockets, they have just surpassed all levels of imagination, because I am still awestruck going by their menu, as it is so  economical and pocket friendly that every person going inside wants to come again either for a party or to just get laid-back and enjoy.


To start with we had, Quesadillas (Veg), Archini, Exotic Veg Pizza, Crispy Fried & Stuffed Mushrooms, Hummus And Pita with Kebabs and for drinks we had Italian Smooch and Green Apple and Cucumber Cola. All this was on the first spot extremely delectable and very tempting even to go by presentation. The drinks were really refreshing and very effective as the Monin syrups used in the drinks and the way its given, gives a kick start taste to the drinks. This place apparently is the only place where a 12′ inch Pizza is served in the entire lane and that to very crusty and delicious. the dishes served were innovated to a very next level and also came with surprises. Also the place offers you live Pizzeria section where the pizzas are made live. The way the chef has come up with such amazing concepts of innovative cooking, the place can be seen as benchmark for certain factors as it was one of the finest Italian ever that I consumed in here.


Eventually we ordered an Italian Veg Sizzler, which the place claims to be a prodigy in, and also a Ferrero Rochers Shake which was apparently thick enough to not be sipped by a straw and very yummy. The Sizzler was excellent in taste and also really good in presentation by the chef. The starters and the main course were a complete package of excellence, it was time for some dessert which again came in handy and pretty much impressive in both quality and quantity. The Choco Waffles with Vanilla ice cream and the very unconventional Fried Ice Cream were marvelous not just in taste but also in looks and the way it was served. Blown away by such amazing sweet dishes.


Undoubtedly, this place have to strive to attain a level of impeccability not by food but gradually by time, the establishment will get its root down the core, as its appealing and very ardently promising towards the patrons and the students especially. Whatever it is, I am definitely going to be visiting this place very soon for the flawless taste. Loved it.


Review Credit : Sagar

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