Are you a smart investor? #JanoTohMano

I have been a very old school type of an investor. I have only ever invested in fixed deposits because I believe that is the only way my money will be safe. I am surrounded by people who have invested intelligently and made lots of money from it but there is always an unknown fear in my head.

My grandparents and parents have always followed an organized lifestyle where they invest any excess in FDs and neatly file each FD in folders and renew it immediately as it matures. I have just been following suit without using my head. I am like a headless clueless chicken and I wander and follow the Pied Piper of Hamelin like the rest of the rats without knowing where I am going.

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This video I watched recently opened my eyes and I started looking at investment in a different way. Technological changes, cultural changes, climatic changes have taken over but I am still stuck with FDs which are the most the ancient form of investment.

This video has the famous comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath frowning at people doing things the same old way. This video amused me because the protagonist in the video does everything to grow his money…but all the wrong means. He has even kept hundreds of people who are just sending messages to zillions others on his behalf so that his money doubles. What he doesn’t realise is that in the process he is just wasting his time and energy. It is more metaphorical than anything else because there are 100s of people (and I am one of them) who invests their money based on age old beliefs and superstitions. Biswa opens our eyes to the fact that we should think before we invest and Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund could be a positive step in the direction of saving and letting your money actually grow.

I guess the best way forward for an independent earning girl like me is to make sure my money is invested in the right places and it grows. I will look at the whole approach differently and make sure every day counts for my monetary growth. #JanoTohMano

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  1. Thanks for the information. I always have trouble understanding financial terms – your article has made it really simple. Thank you very much for it.

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