Weight Loss Journey: Day 10: Detoxing

I do not believe in detoxing. Your body doesn’t need detoxing. Whatever your body doesn’t need it automatically detoxifies. 

However, since I’m a food blogger and there is a lot of eating outside involved there are many instances when I have to just eat something healthy because I’ve sinned too much.

Today I decided to have a fruit day. Kiwis, bananas, apples etc. was all that I had today. 

I don’t feel too energetic though. At some point I want to go to the gym to burn some calories. I don’t feel attractive anymore and I guess I have to do something about it! 

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Image Source: http://sandrarecipeblogsite.blogspot.ae/2012/02/sandras-chai-banana-apple-orange-kiwi.html?m=1

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