Ek Bar – Weekend Brunch !!!


When I first visited Ek Bar, I was spell bound by the experience. The creations – in the kitchen, at the bar and on the table – a spectacle – kept me intrigued for the entire duration and I (we) kept thinking – innovation!!!

With the introduction of the Ek Bar Weekend brunches in November, the fun just doubled! I have been waiting for a chance to experience the magic once again, and now finally the time is here 🙂

With fascinating dishes like Ek Bar Appam, Akuri Frittata, Ek Bar Ramen and cocktails like the Cantonment Punch and Indo Cuban tales – it is going to be an exciting afternoon I just can’t wait to arrive!

photo courtesy – Ek Bar

Read my first experience at Ek Bar here.



2 thoughts on “Ek Bar – Weekend Brunch !!!

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