Weight Loss Journey: Day 5

I usually blog before my run but today I decided to go for my run first and come back and blog about it. 

The run was good. I also ran inside the water, the resistance is amazing. It was quite hot today as it usually is. I’ll try to leave early but I drop my niece to school before I go for a run so I usually start at 9:30 am. Today I spent time downloading music on “Apple Music” and that took an extra 15 minutes. Over 200 new songs in my library! The new songs, workout songs motivated me to go on for longer. If you are planning on losing weight I recommend you to download a lot of good music on your phone as music transports you to another place. It makes you do things you never thought you could do. You turn into the person in those songs and live a magic life in unicorn land… too much? Lol. I know! But trust me download good music. 

So, for breakfast I had eggs and multigrain bread and last nights dinner was a home made chicken wrap with lots of salad. I can’t stop having tea though. I am addicted. 

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Wish me luck! 😍


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