Review: Frat House Cafe, HKV

We recently got invited to a review of Frat House Cafe in HKV. It is housed at the same place which hosted Barsoom earlier, new menu and new decor. On one hand, the food is good, the decor is nice and music loud (which can be a like or dislike depending on personal choices, I love it!), on the other hand, they definitely need to work on their service.

It may be a one-off, and I would definitely give a second go, but I haven’t had this level of service in a while. The food arrived after a good wait for 40-50 minutes; there was no one to look up to for the entire duration and no one informed that there is a delay because of any reason whatsoever. And all this, when we were the only table occupied 🙁

When the food actually arrived after what happened to be eons, the main course arrived first and the starter later. All this while, the only time I saw the servers was when something was being served; otherwise we had to draw their attention.


Coming to the food, the lamb goulash served with couscous was good, and the crispy chicken burger was amazing. We had ordered the falafel with tabbouleh, which took its own time to come, after the mains, but it was worth the wait. Crunchy outside and juicy inside, they satisfied the taste buds. My second round of drinks were messed up, where I ordered a green apple soda on the recommendation of the server, and what finally arrived was an apple soda (yeah the regular ones!). I would have expected them to check with me in case the green apple thing was not available.




All in all, a good place to be, good music & good food; if only they improve their service. I will give them a second chance, giving the benefit of doubt for this time and I really hope they resolve the issues.

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