CP gets Farzified!

Who doesn’t know about the Farzi magic – getting Farzified in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon was an honor people looked forward to – with weeks of waiting to get a table and flip through that magic book called the Farzi menu. I still remember seeing it every day, working in the building right next to it, and waiting for the day to get ‘Farzified’. And when finally the day came, we gobbled up 5 portions of Vada Pav Farzified among others, pure bliss!




Well the days of travelling far are over and Farzi Cafe opens its doors in CP. With a plethora of new items on the menu, and the regular ones, it is all set to Farzify the trade capital of the city. It carries the same aura, one of the restaurants with the best service that you can experience, creations from the bar and kitchen that touch all your senses!


Try the Litchi Panna Desire & Farzi Ok if you don’t believe in alcohol, else sip on the Farzi Apple Foamintini & the Bottle ka Gin – intrigued by the names? – just wait till you land there and taste them! While the drinks soothe our senses, interesting stuff – Delhi belly tikka, roasted russet apples, murraba glaze, Tempura fried prawns, nimboo mirch air and braised lamb chops made their way.



The Farzi hukka menu is going to be a star of the place – another level of fantasy that you misght want to explore. Go get “Farzified”.

And wait, whatever you do, don’t even dare to miss the F.F.C – Farzi Fried Chicken !!!

January 10 onwards

Level 1, Block E, Inner Circle, 38/39, CP.

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