My Weight Loss Journey: Day 2 

Yesterday was hard. It isn’t easy to make a drastic change in your life without it taking a toll on you. I felt tempted to eat things that I shouldn’t have and I did. 

I was very active throughout the day but the guilt of doing something wrong is huge. I felt overwhelmed. I hate that feeling. I like being in control. Am I in control? Not at all. The reason why I am seeking your help is because I have nothing figured out. 

I have night eating disorder. I wake up several times at night and eat. Do I want to do that? Absolutely not! Can I control myself? No. A lot of people have recommended a lot of things to me. It isn’t easy to follow. There is something weird that goes on in my head and I wake up in the middle of the night looking for food like a hungry blood thirsty vampire. I am a very strong willed person. I have lost 40 kilos in the past and not a lot of people can do that. Where does all my will power go at night? Only God knows.

Other than the crap I ate yesterday. I also ate a nice salad.


I am fasting today. I fast every Thursday, I’m gonna start my day with some cashewnuts  and tea and then head for a long walk. I’m hopefully going to run soon. Just don’t feel like it now. 

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Wish me luck! 😊

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