“The most important thing is to have a good relationship with the bike… you have to understand what she wants. I think of a motorcycle as a woman, and I know that sounds silly, but it’s true.”

This very quote was stated by the living legend, Moto GP racing enthusiast and an eminent bike lover Mr. Valentino Rossi, while defining his adulation and admiration towards the bike. As far as any biker is concerned, it is the bond between the bike and the biker that makes it special and this very cafe brings out that biker in oneself. The very moment I stepped inside the cafe, that was it, being a bike lover myself, it was a tremendous feeling, like being in my sanctuary and feeling the special tug with the ambiance.

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I became nostalgic for a moment as, many old classic memories were reaccumulating at one spot also that every corner, every wall, every quote about the bike and the biker was meant to be in such a way to portray that feeling of brotherhood and the love towards your bike. The floor was a bit rugged, as well as the infrastructure was meant for the sole purpose to make the patron feel that special fealty of Biker notions. Not just inside even the outside sitting was pretty impressive as greenery with ample of parking space adjoining and serene environment makes it a perfect place to chill out with friends and attain a sense of peace after long working hours. Technically, the sitting is maintained inside and outside both ways, as its not too gaudy and neither too crowded. Comfort has not been compromised and so is the space utilization. Also for the sake of not  getting bored, there is an availability of PS console and throwing darts and not to forget the live stage where the entertainment goes on with the strand football game on board.

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For Starters we came up with Paneer Chilli Classic, Loaded Potate Quarters, Rajma Aur Anjeer Ke Galauti Canapes & Crispy Buttons, and I can proudly say that every starters I ordered was a bang on, totally. Every ingredient, every bite was like perfectly crafted, the add on dips and sauces were too a full-on deal  to dig in with. If to be specific, the paneer was authentically spicy and tasty, the potato quarter was creamy and savory and also yummy, the galauti canapes were something I have never tasted and was amazing and finally the Crispy buttons were molten cheese in mushroom balls, and what can I say, it was just fabulous inn taste and in presentation too. Then we ordered Bar-Be-Qued Cottage Cheese, Onion and Bell Peppers Pizza with Moroccan Tanjine and I can fairly state that to be adequate and up to my expectations. It was the first time I got a taste of  Morrocan but it was worth having it here. A bit off-the-hook concept for someone like me and also as told by the chef it was an off-track, innovated dish curated specially for  the patrons and served with a style. The Pizza on the other hand came in handy and classic hand tossed base with nice crisp crust and delicious inn taste. And then finally some sugar junkies along with some beverages as we ordered Apple and Blueberry crumbled with Vanilla ice-cream alongwith a cocktail, Sangria, Sweet lime soda and a diet coke. All in all a great evening in here.

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Comming to the bottomline is when you arrive at this venue one can be pretty sure of adjudging some exquisite cruiser rather some spectacular Harley Davidson Bikes, and shall be dining while seeing them around, a feeling of a biker comes from within. The quotes shall also help in bringing that biker out. The taste of the food and the services of the staff is appreciable and so is the quality and quantity of the food they serve. Once been here, one will definitely visit here again. Atleast I shall be on there list now  as a persistent customer. Memorable.

Review Credit : Sagar

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