The Worst Hindi films of 2015

sen city

When our filmmakers go bad, they go full-on unwatchable. But before bringing out the claws, a quick disclaimer: I try to keep this list sane by not counting b-movies and sticking to films that have some potential to be decent (though I do agree that in some cases that potential is buried rather deep). Also, one specific inductee is missing from the list because, like I’d mentioned at the time, it is not a movie.

Anyway, on to the bad. Often this year have I felt like clawing my eyes out in a movie theatre, and these are the very worst offenders:

10. Jazbaa

Dear Sanjay Gupta, there is a lesson to be learnt from Instagram: when you place the most beautiful woman in front of a camera, try going #nofilter instead of shooting it through an aquarium. Here’s what I’d written about this green mess:

Jazbaa begins…

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