Picking The Perfect Blouse To Up Your Saree Game

It often happens that people spend thousands of rupees on buying expensive sarees, but pay no attention to the blouses. But an imperfect and ill-fitting blouse can ruin  your entire look.

Nowadays, blouses can be the centre of attraction. While you are online shopping for sarees, also browse through the hundreds of designer blouses on Rediff.com.

A simple rule to remember when shopping for blouses is to pair a heavily embroidered saree with a plain blouse, and a plain saree with a sequinned and embellished blouse.

Here is a look at some of the latest designs!

Sparkly Embroidered Blouse


Do you have a dull plain saree sitting in your cupboard for months? You can’t give it away as it was a gift, and you can’t wear because it is way too boring for you! Well, the perfect solution is to buy a heavily embroidered blouse to go with the saree. A sparkling coloured blouse will completely glam up your look, drawing attention towards the intricate embroidery of the blouse.

The Classic Puff Sleeves


Puff sleeves have been around for decades. They are still very popular, and rightly so. Puff sleeved blouses look stunning with classic sarees like Kanjeevarams and Banarasis. You should definitely have one in your wardrobe for traditional Indian functions like poojas and weddings.

The Sensual Net Blouse


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Sheer and net blouses can make you look like a movie star.

The net fabric can be used in the back, in the sleeves or in the neckline. This modern design is ideal for summer weddings, and it helps you go backless without too much exposure. Team up a designer net blouse with a traditional silk saree, and you are ready for any wedding!

The Very Sassy V-Back

Square and round backlines have been done for decades. It’s now time for the glamorous V cut! Plunging V backlines on embellished zardosi blouses perfectly complement monotone sarees. Step into a party wearing this attire, and you will certainly be receiving a bouquet of compliments from everyone.

The Flirty Knotted Back


The knotted back blouse was a rage in the 1950s and 1960s. Remember yesteryear’s Bollywood heroines dancing around trees in those flirty blouses? This simple yet chic design will make you look classy and sexy at the same time. Such perfect outfits are hard to find!

The Hot Halter Neck


Halter neck blouses may seem unusual to you. However, if you have an adventurous fashion sense, they you must wear one with a saree. Summer weddings can be less torturous with this designer cut. Wear ethnic attire, without having to cover up your shoulders and arms. Perfect for city girls!

Royal High Neck Blouses


Source: rediff

When it comes to contemporary designs, sleeves are getting shorter and backs are getting deeper. To break away from the trend, try out a high neck blouse. With heavy embroidery around the neckline, you won’t need to wear a necklace. A simple saree and jhumkas will complete your look.

Jacket Sleeved Blouse

Yet another latest style are jacket sleeved blouses. A short-sleeved embellished jacket is added on top of the traditional blouse to add some glamour and break the monotony. This winter, you won’t have to worry about freezing at weddings any longer. You will look stylish, plus you will stay warm!

Having a variety of blouses is always a good idea. Mix and match with your sarees, depending on the occasion. You will never repeat your look and nor will you ever get bored!

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