Times Of Biryani,Andheri,Mumbai

I was recently asked to sample the special Christmas menu of Times of Biryani, comprising a variety of barbecues and grills and various Biryani options.

This restaurant specializes in home delivery and I’d like to start my mentioning that my order arrived 10 minutes before the scheduled time. A timely delivery always elevates the mood of a meal.

To start with we ordered the Bbq Chicken Kebabs, Smoky Cheddar Chicken Kebabs and the Paneer Hot Garlic Kebab.


We thouroghly enjoyed all the kebabs, the best being the Barbecue Chicken Kebabs.

TOB has managed to bring an international twist to their barbecues and grills and well thought of variations are always welcome on my plate.

These kebabs were smoky,sweet,juicy, tender and absolutely fabulous.


The Smoky Cheddar Chicken Kebabs, though tasty did not live up to their description. The menu speaks of minced meat but mine arrived as boneless pieces and we’re not smoky or cheesy.


The Hot Garlic Paneer consisted of a good portion of some well sized paneer pieces.

The marinade did not have an over powering garlicky flavour and the paneer was of supreme quality. Overall, a good dish!


My only disappointment was ironically the Murgh Mussalam Biryani.

This biryani served in a plate with yogurt and onions lacked layers and aroma.

Unfortunately it reminded me more of a masala rice than an aromatic and flavourful Biryani.

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One of the good qualities about the restaurant is that they do not cheap out on onions. Neither were they mixed with other vegetables, nor were they scarce. Good going on that TOB!

Everything was neatly packed and the parcel arrived before time.

I request TOB to look into the Murg Mussalam Biryani but in the mean time I highly recommend the BBQ Chicken Kebabs.

So all you people who love food with a twist, start ordering!


Review Credit- Sanskaara Lalwani


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