`F.A.T Chef`, The Guilt Free Obssession

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F.A.T Chef, extremely ironical to its name is what this abbreviation means, as it stands for Fitness Athletes Team but, coming to  the very perspective on the concept to what this new venture is based upon, it can be rightly said as what it delivers and claims to  the patrons. The place was still under construction when I received my invitation to indulge in this guilt free yet ineffable experience. The rooftop was still to be decided as much of  the work was done and as far the interior, it was subtle and voguish, including the basement which was also to a certain extent had a snappy look. The sitting arrangement was apparent to the space and fairly placed everything, giving the view of  the room a certain eloquence, also the 1st floor had the touch of an Au courant seating amenity, nevertheless the entrance is a bit congested but, the 1st floor is the basic highlight for hanging out purposes.

Beside the look, the fundamental idea of this very venue is based on a paradox, which is health and taste goes hand in hand and very rarely this combination turns out to be a success and most promisingly this experiment has been prosperously carved out by the chef here, without compromising with taste, the health factor thrillingly prevails.

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Now that’s what I call a treat for the people who have a sweet tooth that too a bigger one, as the music and the aroma of delicacies, as in here all the desserts, kept on playing the heart was on the pinnacle of joy. It was later when the chef told us, that all this was made with ingredients and the way all these desserts are made is what makes them zero calories intake for the consumers, especially me, it was like living a dream and the taste which was never compromised at any stage or with any dessert. Well, with such extensive experiments minor mistakes are inevitable so, the shakes in my concern were a little disappointing and could have been better also the Mojito served was not that can be called really nice, but was surely on top-of-the-line when it comes to the health factor. If to break it down, the desserts were made of something unbelievable, as what was on the palate was Dark Chocolate with Dark Chocolate Ganache, Deconstructed Banoffie Pie, Fudgy Chocolate Brownie With chocolate Sauce, Carrot Cake with Low fat Cheese frosting, Fruti Cake triffle, Layered Chocolate cake with Raspberry compote, Banana Walnut Cake, Chocolate Mousse with Walnut Cake, Blueberry Cheese Cake, Salted Caramel Coffee Cake, Black Velvet cake and finally Lemon Cake with chestnut cream frosting.

All of these desserts were made of  some very conventional and easy stuffs, like the chocolate cake had Lauki (Bottle Gourd) as a main ingredient also many of  these desserts had Rajma and brown rice flour as most imperative ingredient for both texture and health, without loosing the taste aspect. It came to us a shock when after tasting session was complete all this information was petrifying yet enjoyable reality. The pragmatic approach of the chef towards the mass is, that people are getting health conscious nowadays and giving them something like this is like an Excalibur to  the swordsmen. Every dessert on the plate, served to us was utmost cherishable. Not even a single dessert had any kind of flaw, impeccability came as an incentive with the desserts. Extraordinary and aberrant initiative by the F.A.T Chef for the people.

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After binging on such decadent and sinful delight, the chef suggested to try one of the best beverages and also some amazing Veg and Non veg Club Sandwiches accompanied with two different dips that was a great add-on, and also the whole meal was refreshing and the beverage served was Hot chocolate with additional sweetening flavors, mesmerizing and absolutely delicious.

It was an all new experience and also a memorable one. Loved it thoroughly.

Review Credit: Sagar Sharma

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