“Trattoria Lounge”, The Lebanese Way

Lebanese Food Fest celebrated at this new Lounge which has commenced merely 6 months earlier and has some amazing dishes and tastes to its credentials. The very heart of partying spirit lies in the Hauz Khas Village and this is a debutante to this hub, The Trattoria Lounge, located on the 2nd floor, of a rugged building with many other established competitors like Raasta, etc. this place is here to carve its way to a certain level of excellence in partying with difference. My invitation to this place was all about tasting the Lebanese Cuisine they serve with the difference they put-in.

Promising aspect of this venue was the outdoor sitting and partially I would say a nicely decorated indoor sitting, also a great place for bong-tail lovers (Hookahs) and some really nice dishes to cram upon. Going by the menu, the mouth was flooded and the expectations ascended to a whole new level.

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For starters we had, Hummus & Pita Bread, which was by far not the best I had, and could be improvised to a certain extent, then we were served Falafels palate which is again under a notion of improvisation, as it could have been less oily and the spices could have been a bit rectified, eventually the Kebabs with the tomato gravy were apt and tasty not to forget the Fish Fingers which were too an appealing dish of the day, accompanied with the tangy Tartar sauce and finally Alepino cheese balls that were missing cheese and Alepinos which might have been under some overlooking take content sceanrio, yet a bit  tasty. Gradually had a taste of some refreshing mocktails like Virgin Pinna Colada, Virgin Peach Bellini, classic Virgin Mojito and finally the Sea Breeze.

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While making our way to the main course, it was fairly assumable to make a presumption that this part could be slightly better than the starters, as they served to us, a delightful thin crust pizza with bell peppers and zucchini as toppings also the highlight of the main course which took me away with its taste and presentation was the Spinach Pappardelle, as to say it, elixir for the famished belly, followed by a chicken dish with some less cooked spaghetti and salad for the garnish and presentation also an average dish to consume. Nonetheless the Bong-tails started to pipe the tune whilst the main course was in porcess.

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And finally came the last section of desserts which was again the tried and tested and always enticing, Brownie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. Divine.

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Well, every restaurant has a scope of some improvement and considering the very aspect of 6 months of establishment of this brand into this venture, they have a long way to serve what people expect, until then the Spinach Pappardelle and the Brownie dessert also the drinks are something I shall look forward to, in case to visit this place again and hope to see the ameliorations soon in effect.

Review Credit – Sagar Sharma



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