NYC-Radisson Blu Plaza, Christmas Brunch


The restaurant or this Hotel needs no introduction as a well versed venue with lavish and exorbitant portrayal of lifestyle and decor, giving a blend of festivity and exuberance contemporaneously. The Radisson Blu @ Mahipalpur, New Delhi having one of the best and legendary restaurants of Delhi NCR i.e. NYC, with critical ratings of 4.7/5 as considered to be amongst the top contenders in the food industry and also thriving towards perfection on daily basis, this venue has proved itself to be worthy of paying a visit eveytime. On the graceful occasion of Christmas, the NYC took the pleasure of organizing a Christmas brunch for the food lovers and to give the ardent foodies a taste of prodigious talent as what they serve in-here.


The entire ambiance was full of delicacies, colors were profusely spread all over the room, the food was like a mesmerizing decoration that gave the perfect panorama to the aura of the room. from the very starters, almost 7 to 8 different type of salads, extra condiments and appetizers like, hummus and pita bread with different seasonings with different paste and sauces, pretty much hard to decide which one to pick as every thing kept in the plate and given on the palate was enticing to maximum extent. And it was not just the colors it was the rich fruits essence and ice cream flavors that also gave the gracious look, and to top it over the beautiful desserts that were spectacular in taste and invigorating as it was a delight to watch and fill up the famished tummy.


Since already mentioned about the initial delicious dishes, coming to the soups which helped to increase the hunger with amazing assorted breads and cannot forget to mention the live station where everything ordered was prepared then and there with demanded spices and flavors, mamma mia. Pastas, Tikkas, fish fried, many other appetizing dishes were prepared for  the patrons fresh and tasty. The main Course was full of different cuisines which was continental, North Indian, Chinese and different assorted dishes with a thanks giving chicken work.


This was my beautiful journey from the very start till end, and every moment was fabulously memorable and that a very imperative thing to mention that this restaurant is a reason of being so epic in its most quintessential form as they have a different theme everyday, which is alternated theme, buffet, eating experience different and in variance everyday. Impressive and alluring, adulating it till now.





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