Product Launch: An Air Purifier to Combat Delhi’s Pollution – Moonbow

An Exuberant Launch to a Noble Brand with a philanthropic vision – MOONBOW.

Technically speaking Moonbow is a lunar rainbow, it is primarily a natural phenomena and also a rare one that occurs when a bright moon (near to full), rain and dark sky all come together at one time. The brand itself is like this phenomena of nature and portrays itself as a concept of “Expect the Unexpected” and its products are the same way too. Appealing to the masses as the brand has a different and pragmatically promising reach towards the welfare of humanity, MOONBOW presents to the people its first product, Air-purifiers.


The organization has very observantly came out with this product as evaluating the on-going catastrophe which the Delhi NCR people are facing nowadays, specifically Delhi residences. The pollution level and as per studies has surpassed more than what is considered to be severely dangerous and as per many experts. On a contemplative note, the not so far future can be envisaged as a dark and hazardous situation which shall not be apt to sustain us humans. And taking into consideration this reality, MOONBOW came up with this much awaited product for Air-Purification. What the organization claims is that the final result is Fresh Air, they need you to just switch on this contraption and enjoy breathing the fresh air that every human being deserves. This product takes the level of purification beyond comprehension. It should be experienced at least once to be believed.
Coming to the product as the Moonbow Purifiers are different and enhanced in many ways like:
1. Powered by Puri 5′ filtration technology, making the air quality surroundings 99.985% fresh.
2. Captures particle matter of 2.5 micrometers, generated on daily basis.
3. offers 5 stage filtration process, across all products (all the 3 models) irrespective od price points.
4. the 5 stages include; Pre- Filter, Time-Hepa Filter, Activated Carbon-Filter, UV lamp, Refreshing energiser.
Every stage has its own importance of making the air quality better to breathe making the 3 contraptions special in their own way of design and claimed promises. Some other features like LED Indicator, for additional information and speed control timer for 2 to 8 hours and finally a filter change indicator for ergonomical usage are wonderful.
The Air Purifier comes in 3 different variants i.e. the top model costs Rs. 34,990/- claiming the most powerful performance out of the three variants and also technologically most advanced with the usage and the effectiveness to the purpose. The 2nd and the 3rd model models are economically of same base, nearly Rs.12,990/- giving almost similar specifications and also performing on proverbial grounds of equal performance. All the 3 variants are appealing and promisingly amazing.
The Air purifiers are available on virtual retail as with an exclusive collaboration with Amazon and Croma, all these variants are plausible to buy via e-shop through Amazon and Croma shops and online stores.
The product and the promises are worth giving a shot as the situation is worsening every passing second, recommending these products is the inevitable need of  the hour and pure and sustainable air is a right of every being, we are polluting our environment, so now its time to step up and rectify, to stand up for self survival and for the survival of our future generation too.

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